New York 8/12/2010 h.22.50 – Milano 9/12/2010 h.4.50, In memoria di John Lennon

Mother, Hold On, I Found Out, Working Class Hero, Isolation, Remember, Love, Well Well Well, Look At Me, God, My Mummy’s Dead,Imagine, Crippled Inside, Jealous Guy, It’s So Hard, I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier, Gimme Some Truth, Oh My Love, How Do You Sleep?, How?, Oh Yoko! , Woman is the Nigger of the World, Sisters O Sisters, Attica State, Born in a Prison, New York City, Sunday bloody Sunday, The Luck of the irish, John Sinclair, Angela, We are all Water, Cold Turkey, Don’t Worry Kyoko,Mind Games, Tight A$, Aisumasen (I’m Sorry), One Day (at a Time), Bring on the Lucie, Nutopian International Anthem, Intuition, Out the Blue, Only People, I Know (I Know), You Are Here, Meat Cit, Going Down on Love, Whatever Gets You Thru the Night, Old Dirt Road – (John Lennon/Harry Nilsson), What You Got, Bless You, Scared, #9 Dream,Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox),Steel and Glass, Beef Jerky, Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down and Out), Ya Ya, Power to the People, Give Peace a Chance, Istant Karma, Happy Xmas (War is over), (Just Like) Starting Over,Cleanup Time,I’m Losing You, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), Watching the Wheels, Woman, Dear Yoko.

La tua musica ha solcato la mia adolescenza, i tuoi versi sono diventati la voce della mia coscienza. Allora come adesso ogni tua canzone resta la colonna sonora della mia vita, perchè nelle tue contraddizioni c’è l’affannosa ricerca dell’uomo di un mondo più giusto. Immagino che… Ed io voglio crederci ancora.
A John W. Lennon (1940-1980)